What is the WPS button on a Canon Printer? Do you know that the WPS button on the Canon printer is an easy and quick way connecting your Canon printer to a wireless network? Yes, it is true. But how do you use it? And where is it exactly located? Let us discuss this in detail in this blog. 

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button ON Canon printer is a way that allows the Canon Wi-Fi printer to connect with the device through a secure wireless network. Besides, the best thing about this method is that you do not SSID or enter any password to establish a network using this method. 

All you need is a WLAN or a router that supports WPS, and that is it. It will easily establish a connection between the wireless network and the Canon wi-fi printer. However, before trying this method make sure your wireless router supports WPS. Check the details mentioned on the router and the access point. 

If your wireless router and access point support WPS then you can easily establish a connection using the WPS button. Here are the essential steps that you need to follow to set up a connection on your Canon printer using the WPS button.

  • Press the setup button.
  • Use the arrows to navigate to the ‘device settings ‘option and then select ok. 
  • Go to the ‘LAN settings’ and then press on ok.
  • Use the arrows to navigate to the ‘wireless LAN setup’. And then select ok.
  • Once the Canon printer detects the WPS access point. 
  • Press the WPS button for about 5 seconds and then select ok. 
  • Now, press and hold the WPS button on the access point for a few seconds and then immediately press ok.
  • When you see ‘connected’ on the screen select ok immediately.
  • Now, select the copy button to return to standby.

Now your WPS button connection is complete.

The Canon printer wireless setup can be easily completed by following the steps that are mentioned above. The wireless network is used to connect to the printer with the computer through a wireless network. A wireless network allows you to print from anywhere from the device that is connected to the Canon printer. All you need to do is select the file that you want to print and give the print command and it is done. The WPS method allows you to establish a connection with the printer and the device through a wireless network very easily. 

However, if you are unable to connect the printer using the WPS method then you must get help from the experts. The Canon printer experts guide you on how to establish a network using the WPS method and also understand what is the WPS button on a Canon printer for? Moreover, they will also guide you if you are unable to connect to the wireless network using the steps mentioned in this blog.