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Canon Printer Error E04 quick fix 2020. Canon printers are known to offer top-class printing whether it is about the quality of the prints or the advance technology. However, even the best of the best devices is prone to errors and the Canon printers are no different.

So, if you are experiencing an error in the Canon printer then do not worry as you are not alone. Many Canon printer users have to face some kind of error at some point in time and Canon printer error E04 is one of them.

So, before even resolving the problem you must know and understand why this error occurs. Usually, this problem occurs when the printer is unable to recognize the ink cartridges. If you are experiencing this error more often then get in touch with the Canon printer technicians for help and support.

Usually, Canon Printer Error E04 occurs when the printer finds it difficult to recognize them in cartridges. That is why you must always use authentic ink cartridges rather than using a third party ones to avoid this error. There are chances that the cartridges are stuck with dirt and debris and that can be the reason why you are experiencing this issue.

Whatever, the reason is you can resolve Canon Printer Error E04 by following the basic troubleshooting solutions. We are going to discuss these in detail here.

If you are having a problem with your printer and it is showing error e04 then you must take immediate action to resolve the problem. However, if you are unable to fix the error rather than wasting time it is always better to get in touch with the Canon printer technicians for help and support. You can follow these steps for resolving Canon Printer Error E04.

  • In the first step, you need to take out the ink cartridges that have been installed in the Canon printer.
  • Turn off the printer. For this press, the power off button on the printer but do not cut off the power source.
  • Now, check the ink cartridge label to make sure it is installed properly.
  • Press the turn on button on the Canon printer and wait until the printer is switched on.
  • Now, install the ink cartridges again and check of the printer is working properly.

If the Canon Printer Error E04 is still not resolved then try cleaning the gold-colored connectors before installing the ink cartridges. If still, the problem persists then it indicates that you need to replace the ink cartridges that you are using.

However, if nothing seems to work then it is time to get help from the Canon printer technical support team. The technical support team will provide you information and help you in resolving Canon printer error E04. The technicians have complete knowledge about the Canon printer so they can help you with resolving the error without any hassle. Contact now for Canon technical support and assistance.

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