HP Support Assistant

Hp support assistant is a tool that supports your computer in ideal working conditions. It helps you in searching for updates and giving you the troubleshooting tools. Major hp computers come up with this tool. You can open this tool by clicking on the app icon in the taskbar or search windows for “support assistant” to open the tool. 

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What You Can Do with HP Support Assistant?

  1. Installing the Software

You can quickly install the software with the help of hp technicians.

  1. Change the Update Schedule and Notification Settings

You can set the priorities for when you can check the software updates and how to support the assistant notifies you when messages are available. You can follow the following steps:

  • Click on Settings at the top of the hp support assistant window.
  • Now change the settings in every section for matching your needs. Make sure you scroll down to see the available settings.
  1. Update the Computer

You can use the support assistant to install the computer updates, updated drivers, system updates, and useful utilities. Follow these points to update the computer:

  • Just click on “my devices” in the top menu, now click on “updates” in “my PC” or “my notebook” panel.
  • Now check for updates and messages to scan for recent updates.
  • You can review the list of updates too. Mostly the update with a yellow information icon is suggested. Updates on blue information icons are optional.
  • You can click on the update name for file size, version number, and description.
  • Now select the box that is next to any updates you want to install and then click on the “download and install” option.
  • You can still do any update management actions as required.
  1. To postpone an update: click on remind me, chose a time preference.
  2. Delete the available update: you can click on the delete icon to remove the update from the list and record it in an action log.
  3. Review update status: just click on action log below the list to view postponed, installed and deleted updates.
  4. How to Add Another HP Device?
  • Support assistants can work out with other hp printers too. Printers should connect immediately with your computer or they should be on the same local network.
  • Simply turn on the device you want to add, be certain that it is in a fit state, and it should be connected with a computer or local network.
  • Click on add a hp device on the “my devices” tab.
  • Click on detect my device to view a list of available devices to add. Moreover, you can click on the “manually add my device” to use the product number and serial number for finding your device with the support hp support technicians.

Click on the device name, and click on the “add to my devices”

Installing the HP Support Assistant with HP Technicians

You can straight out dial the HP technicians support number for help from hp experts. They are accessible online for 24 hours and 7 days. Give a call and they are ready to resolve all your issues regarding hp printers and other hp devices.