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canon printer | Canon ij setup – IJ start utility setup. Canon is a renowned brand known for manufacturing some of the best and innovative set of printers in the market. These printers are easy to uses, highly robust, and very reliable. They offer a unique set of features, which makes them a far better choice over the others. 

Canon also offers cloud-ready printers, which allows you to connect to the cloud storage and printer files within just a few seconds. Canon printers stand out when it comes to offering innovative features. You can pro-actively manage and control various printer functions using the printer management software that can be installed on a computer. One such software is the Canon IJ setup. 

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Talking about Canon IJ utility, it is a software that is designed by Canon to make printing and scanning easier for the users. The IJ scan helps you to scan images and documents to a computer that is running on Windows or Mac. 

The utility saves the scanned data in a preset folder. So, that you can browse and look through the folders on your computer, get a text from the documents, and also attach the files over email. 

 So, how do you complete the Canon IJ setup? Here is a complete step by step guide to complete the setup on your own. But if you are new and do not have enough technical knowledge, we recommend getting in touch with the Canon printer experts for help. 

Steps to Complete Canon IJ Setup

Here we have discussed in detail the steps that you need to follow to complete http // mx490  in Windows and Mac operating system. While trying to complete the IJ setup for the printer it is also important to install the latest version of the drivers to avoid errors. 

That is why it is also important to know the model number of the printer so that you can download and install the latest version of the drivers. Besides, you also need to have an active wi-fi network connection and access points that are in working condition. So, let’s get started now. 

Download the Software

 Canon does not offer manual software installation using a CD driver anymore. That is why it is important to download and install the correct drivers for the printer model you are using. 

For example, if you are using Canon mg 3600 model, then you can download and install the drivers from http // mg3600. Other than that, make sure the software you have installed is specific to Windows or Mac OS.

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US: 1-800-961-7126

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Select the Wireless Connection for

 Once the driver software for the particular printer model has been successfully installed, double-click on the setup files to start the installation process. 

Now, you will see an option that says, ‘choose the method you want to connect the printer’. Here you need to select the wireless option and for wired connection, you need to select USB cable. 

If you need to complete http // Mac then you will be prompted to enter the password. So make sure to enter the correct details and then proceed to the next step. 

  • Turn on the Canon printer. Also, double-check and make sure the printer is connected to the power outlet, and these are no loose cable connections. 
  • If you have chosen the ‘wireless setup’ option then press and hold the wi-fi alarm button on the Canon printer until you see two lights flashing. 
  • Now you will see a blue and green light flashing. This indicates that the printer is now connected to the wi-fi network. 
  • Then click to agree on the Terms and Conditions. Here you will also see the name of the printer model and the wi-fi network it is connected to. 

Canon Printer IJ Setup Using the USB Cable

  • If you want to complete the through a wired connection then you need to choose the USB option when prompted to select the network connection. 
  • Now you will see on the screen where you need to jump on the USB connection option on the computer. If you are a Mac user click on the next option.
  • Now, you will see on the screen the access points that are connecting the computer. If you want the printer to connect to that network, click on the yes option. 
  • In the case of Mac, click on the allow option. Now on the screen, you need to dismantle your printer from the computer and then click on allow. 
  • In the case of Windows, click on ok.
  • Then click on the add printer option.
  • Then select the particular driver and click on add.
  • Once the Canon IJ setup is complete click on the next.

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First of all, turn on the Canon Printer.

  • Open the settings option on your printer and navigate to select the Device Settings option.
  • Here choose LAN settings and press ok. Navigate to select Wireless LAN setup and press ok.
  • Now, the Canon printer will start looking for the wi-fi network that is available and the light will start flashing.
  • You can choose the wi-fi network from the list of the network that is shown on the screen.
  • Enter the password to connect to the wi-fi network and then click on ok. Again press ok to finish the wireless setup.
  • Now visit http // mg3000  to download and install the driver for the particular printer model you are using. 
  • Go to Devices and Printers and click to add the printer.
  • From the next window choose the printer model you are using.
  • Well, that is it you Canon printer ij setup is now complete.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to complete wireless on Mac.

  • Turn on your Mac, Canon printer, and the wi-fi router.
  • Now you need to set the Canon printer with the wireless network.
  • Open mg2522 to download. 
  • Install the driver for the particular printer model. 
  • Complete the setup following the on-screen instructions.
  • Click on the Apple menu and then select System and Preferences.
  • Click to choose the Printer and Scanner option. 
  • Then click on + sign and choose the Canon printer from the list.
  • Click to select the add button. 
  • Well, that is it you have now completed the Canon IJ setup on Mac. 

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US: 1-800-961-7126

UK: 0-808-273-9228

Canon offers some of the most innovative and comprehensive range of printers in the market. Canon IJ printer utility is developed to make print/scan easier for the users. The software is available for Canon inkjet and all-in-one printers. It can be used to change printer settings and also manage various printer functions. 

Canon IJ setup support team provides you with the most effective and complete solution setup Canon ij on your own. You can go on mg2500  and then download the particular driver to complete the setup. 

But sometimes if you are not a tech-savvy person issues may occur while trying to complete the ij setup for the Canon printer.

  • Spending a lot of time on the phone to resolve the problem can be very frustrating. 
  • However, believes in guiding you the right way without consuming your precious time. In short, we make sure to resolve your issue in just a matter of a few minutes. 
  • For a non-technical person, technicality can be quite confusing. Moreover, it can be annoying to see solutions that you simply don’t understand. 
  • Our team of experts makes sure to provide you the easiest step by step guide so that the issue is resolved immediately. At the same, time they are executed in a simplified way. 
  • Many times errors are a result of ignoring minor details like unplugging the device. 
  • However, many techies forget about these minor details. 
  • But this is not the case when it comes to the Canon IJ Setup support team as we pay attention to every detail when it comes to resolving errors and issues. 

These are just some of the details that we take care of. We make sure to provide you best technical support for experts listen up to the issue in detail and then provide you a simple step-by-step solution so that problem is resolved in a hassle-free manner. 

Besides, they also make sure to provide you expert advice and tips, for Canon printer maintenance so that it can remain in the best working condition for the longest time. 

If you are trying to set up the Canon printer to a wi-fi network then here are things that you need to follow.

Connect the Canon Printer to WiFi

 This is the first step that you need to follow while trying the Canon ij Setup. These steps are very easy and won’t take a lot of time.

  • Turn on the Canon printer by pressing the power button.
  • Press the ‘settings’ button. Navigate using the arrows to go to the ‘device settings’ and then press ok.
  • Navigate using the arrows until you reach to LAN settings and then press ok.
  • Now, navigate using the arrows to go to the ‘wireless LAN setup’ and then press ok.

After, the above steps the printer will start looking for the wi-fi network and the lights will be blinking.

  • However, if it is taking way too long then press the stop button.
  • It will redirect you to the ‘wireless LAN setup’ standard setup’ option. Press ok.
  • Navigate using the arrows to go the ‘wi-fi network’ and then press ok.
  • Once you are connected to the wireless network press ok to confirm.

Once you are done with the printer Canon IJ setup to a wireless network, you will have to set up on the computer as well.

  • Press Windows + R option at the same time.
  • Go to the control panel and type Microsoft Devices and Printers on the tab and then press ok.
  • Now click add a printer option then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

The above-mentioned steps help in establishing the HP printer setup to a wifi network. You can run a test print to ensure the wifi setup is complete.

First of all, you need to download the printer drivers from the official website. Make sure to download it from an official website. You can customize the printer drivers based on the needs.

The drivers usually contain software that meets printing, scanning, auto-driver installation and more. Additionally, the printer’s driver also contains other tools that can troubleshoot Canon printer errors and issues.

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Canon printers come with printer driver setup that helps in connecting the printer with the computer. The printer setup CD is different for every Canon printer model.

The CD provides a quick and easy solution to install the software required for printing. However, you can also complete the process without using the CD.

There can be chances that the  printer setup CD or maybe the CD reader is not working. Enter the OS, and then download the Canon printer software, and then run the printer.

There are chances that the software is outdated so make sure you downloaded the latest version. That is why it is important to download the software from the official site.

 If the computer you are using runs on Windows then you will have to log in as administrator.

Then you will have to install the printer driver software from the Canon printer setup | CD or the official site.

  • Once you are done with downloading the software run it.
  • Once the printer setup is complete, you will have to follow a set of instructions to add the printer on the computer.
  • Go to the ‘control panel’ and then ‘Add a printer’ here.

 The process of printer setup or installation is similar to Mac and Windows.

  • Once you are done with installing the software, you will have to install the printer on the computer.
  • Go to ‘printers and scanners’ in the ‘system and preferences’ option.
  • If you have installed the printer software correctly then your printer will be shown here.
  • Go to the connected printers list and then click on the ‘Add’ button.

If you do not want to waste your time downloading and installing the software then you can also use the in-built printer drivers available on the computer. If you are using the latest version of Windows and Mac then they offer printer drivers for top Canon printer models. However, the in-built printer drivers only work for printers that use USB connections.

 You can check first whether the printer is compatible with the in-built printer drivers. You will have to use the USB cable and then turn on the printer. This will setup the printer installation immediately. Thus, you will be able to print. However, this method should only be used if you are in a hurry otherwise it is always good to download the printer setup from the authentic site.

Canon printer setup is easy and can be done in just a matter of time. However, sometimes you may get stuck up while trying to set up the printer. In such a case, get help from the Canon printer technicians as they can help you in troubleshooting the issues and get the setup process done. Get in touch with the Canon printer technical team for support.

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