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HP printer Paper Jam issue quick fix 2020. HP Printer offer top-class printing quality and features. HP printers come in different models and they offer high-end printing features. The inkjet HP printers offer black and white and colored printing options. However, while using the HP inkjet printers many users come across paper jam issues. It is a very common problem that most of the HP printer users come across while using the inkjet printers.

Usually, the HP printer paper jam problem occurs when the paper is stuck in the inkjet. In such a case, either the printer will push out the paper that is stuck or simply stop working. Then you need to take out the paper that is causing the jam.

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It is important to remove the HP printer paper jam for the printer to work efficiently. Here are a few steps that can in removing paper jams in HP inkjet printers.

Check the Paper Tray – HP Printer Paper Jam Fix

Paper tray is one of the most prominent places where you can get the paper jam. So, if you see any loose paper in the tray then you must remove it. If there is a paper that is stuck in the tray then you need to remove it. Then press the resume button on the HP printer if the issue was only in the paper tray.

HP Printer Paper Jam – Remove the Front Cover of the HP Printer

You need to remove the other paper jams. Also, make sure to remove the paper very carefully as it will reduce the risk of damaging the printer.

Remove the Rear Access point of the Inkjet Printer

 You can check the access point and check where the paper jam problem is arising. Press the knob to release the door and then remove it.

  • Take out any paper that may be stuck behind the rollers. You need to remove all of the paper and even the scraps of the paper.
  • You can also try replacing the rear access point of the printer. If there is no paper jam then you can press the resume button on the HP inkjet printer paper jam.

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HP printer paper jam issue can also be caused if the print carriage is not working properly. So, you need to check the print carriage to make sure everything is working fine.

  • Take out the plug of the HP printer and then carefully take out the carriage. However, make sure you do not apply too much force if the print carriage is stuck.

Now, start rotating the rollers inside the carriage. Make sure the rollers complete 3 rotations gently with the fingers. You need to move the rollers in the upward direction. While the rollers are rotating check that everything inside the printer is moving smoothly and not getting stuck anywhere.

Now, HP printer paper jam troubleshooting guide that you have tried all of the steps mentioned above you need to run a test print to make sure everything is back to normal.

  • Try reloading a plain paper back into the inkjet paper tray.
  • Press the resume button and wait for the test print to come out. Now, check if the paper jam issue is resolved.

If the solutions mentioned in this blog are unable to solve the HP printer paper jam problem then you need professional help. Get in touch with the HP Printer technical support team and let them guide you through the problem. The team of experts will help you understand the cause of the problem and will guide you accordingly.

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