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Canon Printer Error E36 Quick Fix 2020.Without any doubt, Canon printers are one of the best in the market. Thanks to the high-tech designs and advanced features it has to offer to the users. However, it does not mean that these printers are not prone to errors. The Canon printers offer highly advanced features and functions besides offering top-quality prints. However, these printers can face issues here and there when in use.

One of the most common errors that may occur is Canon printer error E36It occurs when the printer is having an issue in identifying the wireless network. Many times, if the printer is not in range then it may come across a few issues and the error E36. While establishing a setup you need to establish a wireless network. Maybe the network that you are trying to connect the printer with is not shown.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the error E36. If you are facing any issue in completing the wireless setup. However, if you are facing any issue in resolving the wireless setup.

If you are having a problem with the Canon printer Error E36 then do not worry as it can be fixed easily by following a few solutions. Error E36 is one of the most common errors that you may come across while trying to establish a connection with the wireless network. Here are some of the solutions that you can try to resolve the error E36.

  • The first thing that you need to check is if the wireless router is turned on. All of the devices must be properly connected. Check the LED indicator lights on the router and make sure they are stable. Again, check the on button on the wi-fi must be enabled.
  • Make sure to keep the printer closer to the router and the modem. The wireless network has a limited range so the printer must be in the range. To establish a connection all of the devices must be placed in the range.
  • Restart the router. Often if you are having an issue while setting up the wireless connection then you need to restart the router. Restarting the device can help in fixing technical errors and glitches. You can also try another method to connect with the wireless network if one is not working.
  • At last, check the network that you are connecting the printer to is not hidden. If the network is hidden you need to follow some other method to connect to the network.

These are some of the steps that you can take to resolve Canon printer error E36. However, in many cases, you may require a technical solution to resolve the problem. That is when you need to connect with the Canon printer technical support team for help and assistance. The experts have a deep understanding of the printer and can help in finding a troubleshooting solution to resolve the problem without wasting your time. Contact now for support.

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