WiFi Connect HP Printer

HP printers are one of the leading companies know to manufacture top-quality printers. It offers a wide selection of wired and wireless printers. It is very easy to wi-fi connect HP printer. These days the HP printer models come with Wi-Fir direct option that allows you to connect to a wireless network in just a few easy steps. 

In this blog, we will help you learn how to wi-fi connect HP printer. This will allow you to print using a computer or any other device that is on the same network as the HP printer. However, not every HP printer is wireless so make sure to check the printer model before trying these steps. 

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How to Connect HP Printer to a Wireless Network Automatically?

You can wi-fi connect HP printer automatically by following these steps. 

  • Make sure the computer and the network configuration meet up the requirements to connect to the wi-fi automatically. 
  • Download the HP printer software from the official website.
  • Open the printer setup process by double-clicking on the software documentation.
  • Switch on the HP printer. The HP printer must be compatible with the automatic Wi-Fi connect HP printer option and will prepare for the connection. 
  • Follow the instruction until you reach the network option. These instructions differ on the basis of the HP printer you are using and the Operating System.
  • You will have to select the ethernet/wireless option in the network option.
  • Now, click on the ‘yes send my wireless setting to the printer’ option. This will help in searching the printer and will also send the network information to the printer.

It can take some time for the printer to connect so you will have to wait for the printer to establish a connection. Once the printer is connected you will be prompted with a message on the device. 

Now, complete the setup process by following the instruction on the computer. As soon as, you complete the setup you will be able to print using the wireless network.

How to Connect HP Printer to a Wireless Network Manually?

If the above solution does not work then you can try to connect the Hp printer to wi-fi using a manual method.

  • Complete the installation process on the computer. You can do so, by using a USB cable, and let it install the printer on the computer. However, if your HP printer came with a CD drive then you can also use it to install.
  • Plugin to the power source and turn on the printer.
  • You may have to activate the touch screen for few HP printer models.
  • Then complete the setup. Navigate the arrows or the touch screen to go to the setup. And you may also need to select the wireless option here.
  • Choose a network to open wireless settings.
  • Select the wizard for wireless network. The option will start searching for wireless network options available.
  • Choose the network name you want to connect.
  • Then, enter the details and the password of the wireless network. If the router has a WPS button you can press and hold it to connect directly.
  • Now, choose the done option and the wi-fi connect HP printer will start.
  • Now, select ok to complete wireless connectivity.

These are some of the steps to connect the HP printer to a wireless network. However, sometimes you may come across issues while trying to connect the printer. In such a situation you must get help from HP printer technical support team.