Printer Not Printing Black Epson quick fix 2020. Epson printers are one of the most widely used printers for official and personal use. Printer Not Printing Black Epson These printers come with high-quality print heads that offer top-quality print quality. However, when you replace the original print head with a different one, then it leads to the Printer Not Printing Black Epson printer models.

However, Printer Not Printing Black Epson sometimes the print head can also get blocked and as a result, the printer won’t print black. This can also happen if you do not change the ink cartridges even after receiving the warning message. The issue printer not printing black for the Epson printer is very common and can be fixed if you follow the troubleshooting solutions.

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There can be numerous reasons why the Printer Not Printing Black Epson. Here are some of the most common reasons why this printer error may occur.

  • There is a problem with the print head.
  • There is an error in the drivers of the printer.
  • Problems with the printer’s paper.
  • Errors in the source data.

If you want to fix the Printer Not Printing Black Epson error then you need to follow a few troubleshooting solutions.

Epson printer print heads are made to offer top-class printing quality. However, if the print head is not original or is blocked then it results in the printer, not printing black error. Printer Not Printing Black Epson That is why it is very important to clean the print head of the Epson printer from time to time. Other than that, here are a few things that you need to follow to fix this problem.

  • Switch off the Epson printer also take out the power cord. Then take a sponge and use distilled water to soak in the excess ink on the print head.
  • You can also try unlocking the lever. For this, you need to run a cleaning cycle in the Epson printer. Printer Not Printing Black Epson This helps in unlocking the position of the print head so that it can move easily. Now, you need to move the print head to the middle of the printer. Then push it to the right side.
  • Now, again take a sponge and then dip it in the distilled water. Let the printer rest for at least 15 minutes and then switch it on.
  • Now, clean the print head and move it back to the original position.

Usually, Printer Not Printing Black Epson the error occurs when there is a problem in the print head however you need to check the following things as well.

  • The internet connection of the printer.
  • Makes sure the printer drivers are updated.
  • The print spooler should be checked.
  • Make sure all the pending print jobs.
  • Also, confirm the status of the printer.

The above-mentioned tips and solutions will help you fix Printer Not Printing Black Epson printer error. But if the problem persists then you need to get help from the experts. Make sure to get help from the professionals. They will assist you and help in resolving the error in real-time. 

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