Why My HP Printer Offline quick troubleshoot guide 2020. HP is one of the most trusted brands for printers. HP printers are known for top-notch print quality and for using the latest technology to bring innovative solutions in printing features. Though, HP printers offer the best quality the users may come across why HP printer is offline issue while using these printers. 

My HP Printer is Offline is one of the most common issues that you can experience while accessing the printer. Usually the problem arises when the printer is unable to establish a connecting with the computer and as a result, it shows HP printer offline how to fix. However, other reasons can result in Why My HP printer offline problem. In most cases, the printer offline error can be resolved by following a few steps however, in some cases, you would need help from a technical support team. 

 In this blog, we will discuss in detail how you can resolve the Why is my HP printer offline issue. But it is always good to seek help from a professional team if these methods are unable to resolve the problem.

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If you are seeing why HP printer is offline issue then this means that your printer is unable to connect to the network. There could be several reasons for this problem. However, you need to check the network connection or updates the print drivers to fix the HP printer offline issue. Printer offline simply means that you will not able to use your printer until the status is changed to online. Here are few more things that you may have to come across if your Why My HP printer is offline.

  • The printer will not accept any print commands you give from the computer.
  • You will not be able to share any file or printer sharing.
  • The IP address of the network can be changed or reset.
  • Every time the printer enters the sleep mode the network is disconnected or lost.
  • You may not be able to find the printer or the computer on the network.

Why my HP printer is showing offline is a very common problem that most of the users come across while using any model of the printer. However, this problem can be resolved quickly if you follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. But if the problem persists then it is always better to get help from the technical support team who know the HP printers.

Power Reset the HP Printer

Power reset should be the first step that can help you fix the why my HP printer offline. Although, it is a quite easy process it can help in fixing any errors and printer offline being one of them.

  • If the printer can print from the printing queue then the problem is resolved. 
  • Take out the power cord from the printer and the power source and wait for a minute.
  • Make sure the network is connected and there are no issues with the network connections. 
  • Check if the router and the cables are properly connected. Now, restart the Personal Computer and wait until the system reboots.
  • Now, plug in the power cable in the printer and plug in the power source. 
  • Press power button of the printer to turn it on. Run a test print to check if the why my HP printer offline problem is resolved.

Check the Network Connections of the HP Printer

Poor network connection or weak wi-fi signal is one of the prime reasons for the why is my HP printer offline problem. That is why checking the network connection is an important step in resolving the issue.

  • If you are using a wireless connection then, check if the wi-fi is turned on or not and check if the printer is connected to the network.
  • You also need to check that the printer has the correct IP address.  To do so you can verify on the configuration page.
  • You can also run a test for the configuration. All you need to do is go to the start and then enter the run command. 
  • Type here cmd. Enter the IP address of the printer. Try to   print now. 
  • If the print common runs then the network is connected. However, if it fails then it simply means that the network is not connected.

Check the User HP Printer Offline Settings

Sometimes why my HP printer is offline problem may arise simply because ‘user printer offline’ is enabled in the settings. And that is why the printer is not able to print. So, you will have to resolve the problem by turning the printer offline to online in the settings.

  • Press the Start button.
  • Then go to the ‘Devices and Printers’.
  • Right-click on your printer and then look for ‘use printer offline’ setting option.
  • If the option is enabled then disable it immediately.
  • Run a print test to see if the problem is resolved or not.

See if the WiFi Settings are not Changed

If the computer you are using has Windows 8 operating system. And, you just changed the connection from private to public, then changed it back to private. This could be the reason for why the why my HP printer is showing offline problem.

To resolve this problem, you will have to restore the original settings and then run a print test to see if the problem is fixed. 

If it does not work go to the next step and follow the troubleshooting solution.

Reset the Default HP Printer Drivers

Changed printer driver settings drivers could be the reason why the HP printer is showing offline how to fix. So, that is why you need to reset the default printer drivers.

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Then, reach to the Control Panel.
  • Here you will see the drivers that were installed previously.
  • Check if they are set as default, if not, set it as default.

Reinstall the Hp Printer Drivers

Outdated, incompatible and corrupted drivers is yet another reason for why is my HP printer offline issue. In such a case, you will have to reinstall the printer drivers.

  • Open add or remove programs.
  • Look for HP printer software and then uninstall it.
  • Restart the system.
  • Download the latest version of the HP printer driver software from an authentic site and install it.

These are some of the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the Why my HP printer offline problem. Though, printer offline can be resolved easily. But, in some cases, you may need technical assistance so feel free to contact a professional team for help. 

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