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Undoubtedly, Canon printers are one of the finest quality printers that offer some of the best quality results.  These printers come in different models and offer a number of features.  Canon mx490 printer is one of the leading printer models that come in versatile features.

However, even Canon printers experience errors and problems that needs to be fixed immediately in order to get the Canon printer work best. Especially, if you are experiencing error more often than ever, it is your responsibility to resolve it. But first you need to learn how to set up your Canon printer fir it to work efficiently. In this blog we are going to learn how to learn step by step guide which help you learn about Canon Pixma mx490 manual setup.

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You can easily learn about Canon mx490 manual wireless setup. However, make sure that the wireless network you are using is properly setup and is properly accessed by the Canon printer. Follow these steps to know more about the wireless setup.

  • Plugin the power source of the Canon printer and check if the printer is turned on.
  • Make sure the green lights on the printer are stable.
  • You can enable the LCD screen on the Canon printer. Go to the copy button and press it.
  • Then, check out the printer’s 4x panel and press the Canon printer mx490 setup button.

Go to the Menu and then follow these steps.

  • You will see a wireless LAN setup option on the setup menu.
  • Press ok.
  • Now, the Canon mx490 printer will itself start looking for wireless router.
  • Follow the instructions and then press ok.
  • To display the wireless LAN setup, press the stop button.
  • Now go to the standard setup and select LCD option here.
  • Navigate using the right arrow button to go to the other setup option.
  • Now, press ok.
  • Use right arrow button to go to cables setup option and then press ok.
  • Follow the instructions to complete Canon mx490 wireless setup.

Setting up Canon Pixma mx490 setup software is easy however, if you are stuck in it then always seek help from the Canon technicians. Here is a step by step guide to set up Canon mx490 software.

  • Use the CD Rom that you would have got with the Canon mx490 printer to setup the software.
  • You can insert the CD in your PC or download Canon driver mx490.
  • The follow the setup link as it will help in downloading the software for Pixma mx490.
  • Select mx492 as it works for mx490 as well.
  • Select the options under the menu – connect to computers, smartphones, or tablet and making fax ready for use.

These are some of the most basic steps that can help you with Canon mx490 wireless setup. However, if you are experiencing any issue the setup get in touch with the experts for further assistance.

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