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Brother Printer Offline how to fix quick step by step guide 2020. Brother printers are one of the best quality printers that offer an amazing set of features for the users. 

Though the Brother printers offer top-quality prints and user-friendly operations sometimes you may experience Brother printer offline error. But do not worry as it is quite common to experience this error and can be resolved by following the troubleshooting solutions.

If you are unable to print because the Brother printer offline, then there could be a problem in the network connections. And as a result, the printer is unable to connect with the computer system and is showing offline. 

However, if you are experiencing why is my Brother Printer is offline issue very often then it could be because of wifi issues, power supply problems, USB cable connection problems or something else too. 

People Also Ask

Why does my Brother printer say it’s offline?

Make sure to check if the Brother printer is turned on and is receiving continuous power supply, otherwise, it may show an offline error. 

If the printer is turned on, and still showing offline error, then make sure to check the USB cable connections are not faulty or lose. In the case of a wireless printer make sure the network connection is working properly.

Why does my Brother printer keep dropping offline?

If your Brother printer keeping going back offline then it may happen because the network is unstable. Therefore, the printer is unable to communicate with the computer. 

But if the network is working fine but still the printer keeps going offline then you must check the USB cable connection. As it may be loose, damaged, or faulty. Also, check the USB port is working properly. 

How do I fix the Brother printer offline?

You can troubleshoot the Brother printer offline error quickly by following the steps mentioned below. 

  • Make sure the printer is turned on. Also, make sure the computer and the printer are connected to the same network. 
  • Restart the printer and the computer.
  • Set the printer as default.
  • Make sure all the pending print jobs are cleared.
  • Uninstall the printer and then add it again. 

How do I reconnect my Brother printer to WIFI?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to connect the Brother printer to a wi-fi network.

  • Connect the power cord to the Brother printer and then plugin to the power socket.
  • Go to the menu using the control panel.
  • Then use the navigation buttons to select the network. Then select ok.
  • Use navigation buttons to select the WLAN network option. Select ok.
  • Then choose the set-up wizard option.
  • Now the printer will search for the available network. Select the network that you want to connect to. 

How do I troubleshoot my Brother printer?

There are a couple of Brother printer troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to resolve some of the basic errors in the printer. Here is what you need to do. 

  • Make sure the Brother printer receives continuous power.
  • Try restarting the printer and then check if the issue is fixed. 
  • Make sure the USB cable connection is properly connected and is not faulty. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Brother printer drivers.
  • Clear the pending print jobs. 
  • Clear paper jamming problem. 

To understand Brother printer offline Wi-Fi related issue, you need to know what exactly the offline error means. 

So, for the printer to work efficiently and receive commands from the devices, a network connection is required. So, this connection is either in the form of a USB cable or Wi-Fi enabled connection. 

But, if the connection fails even the Brother printer will show an offline error, hence the printer will not receive the print command and will be non-functional until you resume the online status. 

There are several reasons because of which the Brother printer keeps going offline.  Here we have discussed some of the most common reasons that may result in an offline error.

  • The connection is the most common reason that results in the offline error. This happens if the internet is not working properly. 
  • The computer and the printer are connected to different networks. And if the USB cable connected to the printer and computer is damaged or lose. 
  • If you are thinking about how to connect a brother printer to Wi-Fi, then if you are using a network connection using a USB cable otherwise for wireless printers you can connect to the wi-fi.
  • Paper jamming is yet another reason that will result in an offline error. 
  • If the printer is not placed correctly, then it may get stuck in the paper tray and result in a paper jam. Besides, poor quality cartridges may also result in jamming.
  • If you give multiple print commands then these commands stand in the print queue until executed. But many times, this may cause the Brother printer offline error.

The Brother printer offline error in the printer means that the printer is having a hard time communicating with the computer. 

So, to fix this problem you need to follow the troubleshooting solutions that will help in resolving to troubleshoot the offline error. 

In many cases, outdated drivers are the main reason why the Brother printer offline issue may occur. So, here we have discussed in detail the solutions that you can try to resolve the problem.

Update the Brother Printer Drivers

 Here are the steps that you need to take to update the driver of the Brother printer. If the printer drivers are outdated then you must update it to the latest version.

  • Go to the Start and then click on the Control Panel.
  • Then go to the Devices and Printers option. Here you need to select the Brother printer that is showing the offline status.
  • Right-click on the printer and choose to remove the device option.
  • Now, download and install the latest version of the Brother printer drivers.
  • Once the file is downloaded you can follow the instructions on the screen to install the drivers.
  • Now, restart the printer and check if the offline error is fixed.

Set the Brother Printer as Default

If the Brother printer is showing an offline error then maybe the Brother printer is not set as default. To make sure you need to see that the Brother printer is showing a green tick mark. So, you need to set the printer as default.

  • Open the Control Panel on the computer.
  • Then choose Hardware and Sound.
  • Choose the Devices and Printers.
  • Then right-click on the Brother printer.
  • Now choose the option to set the printer as default.

These are the solutions that you need to follow to resolve the Brother printer offline. However, if the printer offline issue is not fixed then you need to get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

If you run a print command on your Mac but the printer is not printing then there may be an offline issue. Then you can try these steps to resolve the offline error.

Check the Status of the Printer

If the printer goes to sleep or the paper goes out while running a print job then it can result in an offline status of the printer. 

In such a case, you need to check the status of the printer and resume the printing. Here are the steps that you need to follow to resolve the Brother printer offline issue in Mac.

  • Choose the Brother printer.
  • Then click on the open print queue option.
  • Check to see the printer status.
  • Then select the resume option.

This will most likely resume the Brother printer to online and you can print the pending print jobs. However, if the problem persists then you must get in touch with the printer support team for help.

If you are not able to use the Brother printer on Windows 10 because of a printer offline error then do not worry. 

If you are thinking how do I fix my brother printer offline windows 10 then there are some steps that you can follow to fix this error. Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to the start button on your computer and click on it.
  • Then select devices and printers.
  • Then right-click on the Brother printer and see what’s printing.
  • Check the tick mark in front of the Brother printer and remove it.
  • Then switch off the Brother printer and also take out the cable from the computer that is connecting with the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and check if the offline issue is fixed.

These are some of the most common printer offline problems that you may come across. If you are seeing the brother printer offline Chromebook issue then make sure the printer is properly set up with the Google Cloud Print.

Besides, if the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above are not able to fix the offline error then make sure to get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

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What does Brother Printer Offline Mean?

Though Brother printers are one of the best printers in the market, printer offline problem any arises due to a number of reasons. 

It can be because of overloaded print jobs, a loose connection, outdated print drivers or more. The culprit can even be the hardware failure, Brother printer offline is a common problem and can happen due to diverse reasons. 

Just like any other electronic device, printers are quite sensitive. And as a result, the Brother printer can show offline messages even if the power is disconnected for a minute. 

In this situation, a reboot of the printer is all you need to Brother printer offline fix the problem. However, if the printer offline error is because of some other problem then you will have to follow some troubleshooting solutions to Brother printer is offline how to fix error. 

When your Brother printer is showing offline it clearly means that the printer is unable to connect with the computer and vice-versa. 

There are several reasons for the Brother printer to show offline. You need to understand the why is my Brother printer offline fix reason before trying to fix the error. 

Before proceeding with the Brother printer offline how to fix troubleshooting solutions, make sure you the network connection is established between the printer and the computer.

Outdated Print Drivers: The print drivers that are installed could be outdated, corrupted or simply incompatible. You need to make sure to install the latest version of the print drivers.

Static IP: The port that is assigned to the printer is static. In the case of a dynamic port, the IP address can be altered which can be mismatched with the information on the computer.

Malware Issues: Malware issue is one of the reasons for the why my Brother printer is offline problem.

Use Printer Offline Setting: In Windows OS allows you to use the printer offline. If this option is allowed it can accept print commands when offline, but instead of the printing results in the print queue.

 If you are having a Brother printer offline problem in your Brother printer then these are quick solutions that you need to follow.

Disable the Antivirus Software and Firewall

 Some of the antivirus software and firewall may cause a problem in the Brother printer and result in Brother printer is offline Fix issue. 

Then, you need to disable the antivirus software and the Firewall software. Once you have disabled the software then run a print test to see the problem is resolved.

Disable SNMP if Enabled

SNMP is network management which is used to collect information and configure network devices. 

However, sometimes this can result in Bother printer is offline problem. So, you need to configure the port settings to disable the SNMP.

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Then types control and enter.
  • Once you reach the control panel select ‘devices and printers’ option. 
  • You can find it under the hardware and sounds option.
  • Look for your printer and then right-click on it. Select the properties option. 
  • Now, check the port that connects the printer. 
  • Select it and then click on the configure port option.
  • As soon as you reach the settings of configuration, disable the SNMP option. 
  • Now, run a test print to see if the why my Brother printer is offline issue is fixed.

Check the IP Address and its Validity

 If the troubleshooting methods are unable to fix the Brother printer offline issue then you need to check the IP address. 

Make sure the Brother printer does not have a dynamic IP address. If the dynamic IP address is enabled then the printer changes the IP address automatically as soon as the IP expires from the router. 

Once you check the validity of the IP address you need to make sure that the IP address that is being used is unique and is the same as the one used on the computer.

  • Go to the properties of the printer and then click on the Ports option.
  • Now, choose the static IP address that your printer can be able to use. 
  • As soon as you select the port, you will have to configure the port.
  • Verify the name and address of the port. Note that they should be corresponding to the system you use.
  • Save the changes. And, do not choose the WSD option. 

Disable Printer Offline Settings

 If you are using Windows 10 then it allows you to printer offline. 

And as a result, you can stack the documents that need to be printed in a print queue and they will be printed once the printer connection resumes. 

However, sometimes it can cause issues.

  • Go to the printer properties.
  • Right-click on the Brother printer and select ‘see what’s printing’ option.
  • Then select the printer and untick the option of ‘use Brother printer offline’.

Reinstall the Brother Print Drivers

Print drivers can be the reason for Brother printer is offline how to fix and that is why you need to reinstall it. 

Outdated, incompatible or corrupted print drivers result in this issue.

  • Press Windows + R. Then type devmgmt.msc and then press enter.
  • In the device manager, look for the Brother printer and right-click on it. 
  • Choose to uninstall the device option. Then you will be prompted with delete the drivers’ option then select it. 
  • Now, turn off the printer and restart it.

These are some of the basic troubleshooting solutions that can fix the Brother printer is offline how to fix issue. 

However, if the problem is unresolved make sure to get in touch with the Brother printer technicians for technical support.