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Canon Printer Error E13 Quick fix 2020. Without any doubt, the Canon printers are one of the best in the market. It is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing quality and innovative printers. So, whether you are looking for a printer for home or office use these printers have so much to offer. There are very few brands in the market that deliver quality and innovative features at the same time.

Whether you want to buy laser or inkjet printers Canon has one of the most reliable printers. However, Canon Error E13 if you are experiencing a problem with the Canon printer then you do not need to worry. Just like any other device the Canon printers also may face errors here and there. Out of all, the error Canon printer error E13 is one of the most common errors that the users complain about.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the solutions that can help you in fixing the canon printer error E13 in Canon printers. But if nothing seems to work then you must get help from the professionals. Get in touch with the Canon printer technicians for a complete solution without any delay.

Before getting deep into the troubleshooting solutions you must understand what this error is all about and why it occurs. The Canon printer uses the number of pages to print to calculate if the ink cartridges need to be refilled or not. However, the Canon Printer Error E13 occurs when the Canon printer is unable to recognize the ink cartridges that have been installed. 

So, you will see the error E13 on the display of the printer when the ink cartridge runs out. So, this means that the E13 error occurs when there is something wrong in the ink cartridge.

Here are the solutions that you can try to fix the error E13 in Canon printers:

  • Make sure the printer is set to switch on mode.
  • Then switch off the ink gauge however make sure that you have not canceled the printing command.
  • Once you see the error E13 displayed on the screen make sure to press and hold the reset button on the printer.
  • Then press and hold the power button on the Canon printer.
  • Make sure all of the buttons are pressed for at least 10 seconds | Canon Printer Error E13
  • Now, that the printer is switched off wait for a few more seconds.
  • And power on the Canon printer.
  • Check the LED lights it must turn yellow.
  • Run a print test to check if the printer is working or not.

To avoid the Canon printer error E13 you need to check the ink cartridges from time to time. If you continuously use the low ink cartridges and do not replace it on time it will show the E13 error.

If the steps mentioned above do not resolve the issue then get in touch with the Canon printer technicians. The technical support team for the Canon printer is available round the clock to guide and assist you in resolving the errors associated with the printer.

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