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Canon Printer offline windows 10 issue quick fix 2020. Just like any other device, even the Canon printer comes across errors and issues. One such problem is printer offline error, which indicates that the printer and the computer are unable to connect. 

Since printer’s work, while connecting to a network and the device, an issue in the settings can result in Canon printer offline error. However, it can be quite frustrating to see the offline status, especially when you are in the middle of important work. 

If printing is not smooth, it can be quite frustrating to deal with. But you must know that printer offline error is quite common and fortunately you can try resolving Canon Printer Offline error on your own as well.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Offline Issue? Updated Solutions 2020

In this guide, we have discussed some of the common Canon printer offline issues and their solutions. 

However, if you need an immediate solution and have already tried following the basic guidelines, we recommend getting in touch with the Canon printer support team for help.

People Also Ask

Why does the Canon printer go offline?

Canon printer offline error means that the printer is unable to communicate with the computer and hence will not work until you change the status to online. 

Several reasons may result in this error. However, usually, it happens if the cable connections are faulty or damaged. Besides, faulty or outdated drivers may also be the reason why the Canon printer may go offline. 

How do I get my printer back online?

Canon Printer offline error can be resolved quickly by following the basic troubleshooting steps. Here is what you need to do to fix an offline error in your printer.

  • Restart the print spooler service.
  • Cancel the pending print jobs.
  • Reinstall the printer drivers.
  • Try restarting the devices.

Why does my printer keep saying it’s offline?

If you are seeing a printer offline error on your device then it is clear that the printer is unable to communicate with the computer. 

Several reasons may result in this error. However, connectivity issues, outdated drivers, pending print jobs are some of the most common ones. In most cases. you can easily fix this error by following the troubleshooting solutions. 

How do I set up my Canon printer without WIFI?

If you want to connect your printer without using a wi-fi connection then you can do so. All you need to do is to connect the printer using the access point of the printer. 

If the internet connection becomes unavailable, then you need to use web services for the printer. 

Why is my Canon printer not printing?

Several reasons may be the reason why your Canon printer is not printing. However, some of the most reasons that may result in the Canon printer, not printing issues are mentioned below. 

  • Print jobs get stuck in the print queue.
  • If there is paper jam then your printer just won’t work. 
  • Faulty or outdated drivers are the reason for most of the printer errors.
  • Insufficient power supply.
  • Printer firmware and drivers are not updated.

What Causes Canon Printer Offline Problem?

If you are seeing printer offline status on your Canon then it is obvious that the printer won’t be able to receive commands from the computer. 

This problem occurs because of several reasons some of which are mentioned below.

  • If the default settings are not selected correctly then it can result in a printer offline issue. So, make sure the Canon printer is selected as default.
  • A technical issue in the printer spooler can be the reason for the offline error.
  • If the printer is set as offline then it may result in this issue.
  • Paper jamming is yet another reason for the offline error in the Canon printer. So, make sure the papers are properly placed in the paper tray.
  • If the wi-fi connection or internet is weak then the offline issue may occur.
  • A faulty or loose connection between the printer and the computer may result in an offline error.

Quick Solutions for How to Get Canon Printer Online

If you are thinking how do I get my Canon Printer Back Online? Then the good news is that you can do it by following the solutions mentioned below. 

These are the basic troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix Canon printer offline error in most cases. 

However, if the problem is unresolved or you need immediate help get in touch with the printer support team for assistance.

Check the Printer Connections

As mentioned above, faulty and lose connections is the most common reason for Canon printer offline error. You can check a few things to make sure the connection between the printer and the computer is proper.

  • Make sure all of the USB cables are properly connected and attached to the right port. Replace the USB cables if required.
  • Check the Canon printer model that is added to the system is correct or not.
  • Make sure the printer is connected to the right wi-fi network.
  • Also, make sure the printer and the computer are connected to the same wi-fi network.
  • If you are using a wireless printer then check the network connections properly.

Check Canon Printer Settings

You can check the printer’s settings from the control panel in Windows as well as Mac. So, here are the steps that you need to take to fix the Canon printer offline error because of a settings issue.

  • Restart the router as it will resolve any network related issue.
  • Open the settings and check the status of your printer online.
  • Make sure to clear the pending print jobs.
  • If the network has more than one printer added, then make sure the Canon printer is set as default.

These are some of the solutions that you can try to fix the offline error. But if the canon printer keeps going offline and you are thinking what else can you do? 

Then you will have to perform a more advanced troubleshooting solution. If you are not a tech-savvy person then we recommend getting in touch with the printer technical support team for help and assistance.

Solutions for Canon Printer Offline Fix in Windows 10

The first thing that you need to check is the basic connections if the Canon printer offline in Windows 10. 

So, make sure the printer is connected to the power and also the USB cable or the wireless network is properly established.

Set Canon Printer as Default in Windows 10

 If the Canon printer is not set as default then it will show the offline error. So, make sure to follow these steps.

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Then select the Devices and Printers option.
  • Now, from the list of printers choose the Canon printer and then ‘select is as default’.
  • You will now see a green tick adjacent to the Canon printer which means it is set as default.

If the Canon printer offline windows 10 error does not go away even after setting the printer as default. Then you must get in touch with the technical support team for help and more information.

Why is My Canon Printer Offline Mac?

If the Canon printer is not connected to the Mac correctly then it will show the offline error. 

There are many reasons this may happen which we have already discussed in this blog. However, to resolve this issue you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Reset the Printer System

  • Click on the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.
  • Then select Print and Scan.
  • Then choose the Canon printer from the list of options.
  • Now, from the new menu, you need to select the ‘Reset printing system’.
  • Then choose the connection “USB or wireless’.

If this does not resolve the Canon printer offline issue in Mac the get help from the printer support team now.

Fix Canon Printer Offline in iPhone

If the Canon printer is showing an offline error in iPhone then you will have to remove the printers and then add the Canon printer. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your iOS device.
  • Choose the Print and Scan option.
  • Then select the Canon printer from the list of options.
  • Also, remove multiple queues for the same printer.
  • Select the printer and then choose a minus sign to remove it.
  • Once the printer is removed add the printer again to your iOS device.

These are some of the most common printer offline errors that we have discussed. If you are also seeing canon printer offline Chromebook then to resolve this problem make sure to update the device to the latest version of Chrome to fix the issue. 

However, if the Canon printer offline error does not go away and you are stuck. Then get in touch with the technical support team for more information and assistance.

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Reset your Canon Printer

The first thing that you should be doing if you are experiencing Canon printer offline issue in your Canon printer is reset. Resetting the printer can help in fixing many issues and is a very easy process.

  • Press the power button. Let the device turn off completely.
  • Take out the power cable of the device.
  • Plugin the power source and turn on the device.
  • Press and hold the power button. 
  • Now, wait for some time for the device to reboot and fix why my Canon printer is offline issue.

Check the Connections

 Are you thinking why my Canon printer is offline? Well, when the printer is unable to create a connection with the computer or the network, then you are most likely to experience a problem like Canon printer offline. How to fix it, here is a guide.

  • If your Canon printer is connected to the computer using a USB cable. Then, plug in the cable into a different USB port on the computer. If this does not work, try using a different USB cable.
  • You can also reset the wireless connection.

Set the Default Printer

If nothing works then you will have to set the default printer on the Windows. Then you will have to change the settings of the printer to ‘default’.

  • Press ‘start’ button.
  • Select ‘devices and printers’ option here.
  • Search for your printer and then right-click on it.
  • Click  ‘Set as default printer’.

Clear the Print Jobs

Sometime print queue can be the reason why my Canon printer offline. That is why you need to clean the print jobs.

  • Go to the Canon printer and click on it twice.
  • Then, go to the ‘printer’ menu and choose ‘cancel all documents’.
  • Now, try to print to check if the issue is resolved. 

Reinstall the Printer Drivers

If the above-mentioned steps did not work then you will have to re-install the drivers as they could be outdated.

  • Go to the ‘settings’ option.
  • Now choose ‘useable printer’ option.
  • Go to the printer option and right-click. Then, select ‘properties’.
  • Now, search for the ‘general or details’ tab and look for the driver. Select the driver and then click on ‘choose again’. 
  • Now, download the driver from the original website.

Why my Canon printer is offline is one of the most common issues that you may come across. However, it can be fixed by following these steps. If you are unable to resolve this issue then get in touch with the experts for support and help.