Inkjet or all in one printer that provides you the scan, print, and fax features are very much in demand for businesses and everyday use. HP 4500 envy series is the most well-made printer series that has the three in one inkjet printer option in the market today. It’s known for its low initial price and high print quality.

Right now, you have two options among envy 4500 series printers of hp. One is hp envy 4500 e all in one that was released in the year 2013 and the alternative one is hp envy 4520 all in one that was released in the year 2015. In this post, we will tell you about the hp envy 4500 printer issues and how to resolve its issues.

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A big plus about these printers is the circumstance that many of the same troubleshooting techniques work for both machines. We will review a few common troubleshooting steps here that should keep your machine away from running for a long time, does not matter what generation envy machine or hp ink cartridge you are using.

Missing Cartridge Message

A “missing cartridge” error usually processes the cartridge was not installed accordingly. 

  • To fix this issue, directly explain that you have the right cartridge for your machine. Hp 61 and hp 63 cartridges can simply work with a particular list of printers.
  • Make sure you are installing the right cartridge in the right color slot. A black cartridge will not work if it is in the Tri-color cartridge slot, and vice versa. The cartridge must click smoothly in the printer.
  • If it’s at an angle, the gold contact will not read accurately, prompting the missing cartridge message. 
  • If everything clicks in as expected and you are still getting an error, remove the cartridge and clean the gold contact, it may need quick cleaning.
  • Watch the video above for our instructions on the cleaning process

Empty Cartridge Message

If you are using a re-manufacturer ink cartridge, you will doubtless come across an “empty cartridge” message when you first install the new cartridge. Resetting the gold contact chip is not a cup of tea of re manufacturers, especially when they refurbish and refill the cartridge.

Your printer will read the cartridge as if it was still the original cartridge that has previously been depleted. This, of course, is not the case since the cartridge was refurbished, but it will be up to you to convince your printer!

  • To avoid the empty cartridge message, get in touch with the HP 4500 envy technicians and reset the printer and reinsert the cartridge.
  • At the same time, the empty cartridge message shows up, approve it by pressing “ok” on printers display. 
  • It will suggest the cartridge to be undertaken in your machine and you can begin printing.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to track the exact number of pages you print with the re-manufactured cartridge, but you should get the same number of print that you can expect from original cartridge since it’s filled to exact same ink capacity.

If you still need the HP technicians help, just dial their toll free support number today!


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