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Canon MX922 B200 Error code quick fix 2020. Canon inkjet printers are brilliant and come with some of the most outstanding features. However, one thing that you need to know is that the canon b200 error mx922 can be easily resolved in just a few steps. It is one of the most common errors that most of the Canon mx922 printer users come across. 

The canon MX922 b200 error code can typically occur because of several; reasons however mostly it is because of overheating of the Canon mx922 print head. Besides, the canon b200 error mx922 can also occur if the ink tank is full, or issues in other parts of the print head.

Canon mx922 b200 error can be fixed by following some of the quick troubleshooting fixes. Sometimes simply turning off the Canon printer and then turning it on again can help in fixing the error. In other cases, you can follow these steps to fix the Canon Pixma b200 error code.

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Check the Ink Cartridges of the Printer

  • Turn off the Canon mx922 printer.
  • Take out the plug of the Canon printer.
  • Open the cover to check the ink cartridges.
  • Now, take out the Canon mx922 print head very carefully.
  • Carefully clean the print head and the ink cartridges of the printer.
  • Also, clean the contact pads of the printer.
  • Now, install the print head and ink cartridges back very carefully.
  • Plug in the power source and turn on the printer.
  • Now, test the printer to see if the canon mx922 b200 error is resolved.

The other solution that you can try to fix the Canon mx922 b200 error. Then you may need to turn off the printer. Also, try these steps to fix the method. 

  • Take out the plug of the power cable.
  • Open the Canon mx922 printer.
  • Push the Canon print head towards the center.
  • Keep the printer open, plug in the power source and turn it on.
  • Once the print head moves towards the left. Shut the cover of the print.
  • Wait for some a few minutes.


The next step that you need to follow if the canon mx922 b200 error code is unresolved is check software. However, make sure the internet connection is properly working.

  • You will have to update the Canon printer drivers and the utility software.
  • On the desktop go to the start option on Windows. 
  • Then click on devices and printers. 
  • Right-click on the mx922 and then select Properties option.
  • Click on the maintenance tab and then click on deep cleaning.
  • Then run a nozzle check that you can find on the maintenance option.

The steps mentioned above will help you in fixing the Canon mx922 b200 error code. However, sometimes the error may not go simply because you are not performing these steps properly. Or it can be possible that there is some other problem that needs to be fixed. 

In such a case the best thing to do is to get help from the Canon printer technicians. They will guide you on how to fix the error b200 for mx922 Pixma Canon printer. 

Troubleshooting - Canon MX922 B200 Error