When you use the HP printer Error Codes, then it’s typical to have influenced by their errors. Enjoying a smooth printing experience and stuck with an error in between? Reading this will help you out easily. HP printer error codes are the codes that display commonly on the HP printer display screen. Whether you own an inkjet or laser HP printer, we’ve found information on HP error codes that may show when you use your home or office machine.

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  •   HP Error Code 02

Known as warming up error 

How it Affects?

This error is associated with a printer cable or driver problems

How to Resolve this Error?

Just turn off the printer and eliminate cable. Now again turn it back on. If printer reports are “ready” thus a first update the driver and if it’s not resolved, thus just update the printer cable. If things have an error, there must be a hardware issue. 

  •   HP Error Code 10

Known for Supplying the Memory Error

How it Affects? 

Your printer has an issue with toner cartridge chip, and that’s why it’s weak to read. This is an electronic information, e-label, on the printer cartridge.

How you can Resolve this HP Printer Error Code?

Firstly, you need to try to reset the printer and turn it on and off. If this thing does not remove and reinstall the cartridge, just replace it. If still, it is not going, thus there may be a hardware error. 

  •   HP Error Code 11

Known for paper out

How it affects? 

If the printer is not out of paper, this may mean that there is some issue with a paper tray or paper sensor.

How to resolve this?

Assure that your printer is on an altogether flat surface. Now check paper trays for any damage and clean away any toner builds up. If it’s not resolved, you can check the paper sensor or clean the Opto sensor.

  •   HP Error Code 12

Known for open or no ep

How it Affects?

If the toner cartridges are not installed properly in your HP printer Error Codes, that means either a cover is open or you may have a faulty cooling fan or PS5 sensors.

How to Resolve This?

Must check all toners are installed properly or not. Be assured that all covers are closed properly. If the issue continues, there must be a hardware issue.

HP Error Code 13

Known for paper jam

How it Affects?

This is also a universal among hp print error codes. This issue is known because your printer has paper jam. And paper jams can happen at four stages, pickup, printing, fusing, and exit. New age hp printers will tell that there is a jam that has occurred. If using heavy paper, check the HP paper guide for your HP printer Error Code.

How to Resolve this?

Either follow the on-screen navigation, if possible or periodically check for the paper jam in the customer accessible areas of printer. Don’t attempt to use hard implements to remove paper at the risk of damage to the printer and yourself. If the problem persists you may have a hardware failure.

If you want to again resolve the hp printer error codes, simply call the HP print technicians by calling at the toll-free support number.

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