My Epson Printer is Offline

Are you wondering why my Epson Printer is offline? Then do not worry as this is a very common problem that every printer user comes across while using printers. However, while trying to print some important document printer offline error can be very frustrating. There can be multiple reasons behind this error however, the good news is that you can fix it very easily.

In this blog, we will help you fix the Epson printer offline issue.

Why is My Printer Offline?

My Epson printer is offline typically means that your printer is unable to establish a connection with the computer and as a result, it is showing printer offline error. Typically, the error can arise because of internet connection issues however, the cause is not just restricted the wi-fi connections. Sometimes it can be because of USB connection, malware issues, outdated printers, or because of several other reasons.

Weak Wi-Fi Signals: Poor internet connection or weak wi-fi signals could be the reason your printer is showing offline.

Outdated drivers: The Epson printer starts showing an offline error if the drivers are not updated.

USB Connections: The USB cable connected with the Epson printer and the computer must be proper. Also, make sure it is not damaged.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer Offline Issues | Change Printer Offline to Online

If you are having Epson printer is offline problem then you will have to follow these steps to fix this issue.

Check the USB Connections

  • First of all, check the USB connections. If the USB cable is damaged you need to replace it. Try connecting the USB cable by using a different USB port on the device.

Check the Wireless Network

  • Check the Epson printer is connected to the Wi-fi network or not.
  • Make sure the PC is also connected to the same network.
  • Then, reboot/restart the PC and the router to fix the issue.

Change the Use Printer Offline Setting

If you use a Windows operating system and the Epson printer is showing offline then there are high chances that you have selected ‘use printer offline’ option.

  • Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard.
  • Then you will be directed to the Control panel and press ok.
  • Choose ‘devices and printers’ option. 
  • Find your Epson printer and then right-click on it.
  • Now, untick the use printer offline option.
  • Run attest print to see if the problem is fixed.

Remove the Printer and then Add Printer

 If you have tried everything but still Epson printer is offline then you will have to remove the printer and then add it again.

  • Press Windows + R. Go to the control panel. 
  • Choose ‘devices and printers’ option.
  • Find your printer, click on it and then select remove.
  • Once the printer is removed, restart the device and then go to ‘devices and printers.
  • Now, click on add a device.
  • Then you will have to click on add a network, wireless, Bluetooth option.
  • Now, you will see the options in the network. Then choose your Epson printer model here.

Select the Epson printer and it will be added.

These are the steps that will help you fix the Epson printer offline. However, if you need more guidance then it is better to get in touch with Epson printer technicians and understand why my Epson printer is offline and guidance on how to fix it.