Hp Printer Says Offline

If your hp printer says offline, things are not working fine with your HP printer and for that, you need to get your printer back to work. Hp printer can go offline at times when you try to make your printer over time. When your hp printer is not working fine then a status message of offline or printer offline will show on the computer and the printer will not print. You can resolve this issue with the help of the recommended solution given below.

Here Are the Troubleshooting Steps That Can Remove Your Hp Printer Says Offline Error

Step 1- Manually Set the Default Printer for Windows 10

Be sure that the default printer driver matches the printer you are using for print.

How to Set your Default Printer in Windows 10

  1. Search Windows for devices, and then click Printers & scanners from the list of results.
  2. If it is checked, uncheck the box beside Let Windows manage my default printer.
  3. Among the list of printers, tap the printer name that matches the name of your printer, and click on manage. If there are multiple names listed, select the printer that has a status of idle or online.
  4. In the manage your device section, tap on the Set as default option.
  5. Simply try to print, if the hp printer says offline issue, continue to next step.

How to Set Your Default Printer in Windows 8 and 7 

  1. Search Windows for devices, and then click Devices and Printers from the list of results.
  2. Right-click the name of the HP printer that is active (not grayed out), and then select Set as Default Printer.
  3. Try to print. If the printer remains offline, continue to the next step.

Troubleshoot the Printer Connection

Troubleshoot connection issues with Wi-Fi printer connection

Step 1- Restart Your Devices

To prepare your printer for a wireless connection, restart the printer, computer, and router.

  1. Turn the printer off, and then wait 10 seconds.
  2. Disconnect the printer power cord from the printer.
  3. Turn off the computer or the device you are trying to print from.
  4. Connect the printer power cord to the printer, and then turn on the printer.
  5. Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router, and then wait 10 seconds.
  6. Again, connect the power cord to the router.
  7. Turn on the computer.

Step 2: Connect the Printer to Your Network

Connect the printer to your network using the HP wireless setup wizard (for printers with a touchscreen control panel), WPS (if supported by your router), or the HP Smart software.

Step 3: Print a Wireless Network Test Report

Go to HP Customer Support, select your printer model and find out “printing self-test pages”. Print a wireless network test report and follow instructions on the report for troubleshooting the wireless connectivity issues

However, if you are not able to get your hp printer back to work again then you can simply call at the toll-free support number of HP Printer technicians. We are available for 24 hours and 7 days for your service and this lets you get service at your comfort.