Printer is Offline Windows 10

Printer showing offline on Windows 10 is one of the most common issues that is experienced by most of the printer users. Printer offline simply means that the printer is unable to connect with the device. However, if you want to fic printer offline issue then you also need to find out the reason behind the problem. And that is surely not easy as there could be many reasons behind this problem. 

However, most of the time are printer is offline Windows 10 then you can fix the issue by restarting the printer. It can fix a lot of issues with the printer and also change the printer from offline to online. But if the printer is connected to the computer then restarting the printer won’t fix the problem. You will have to follow the troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue

Why your Printer is Showing Offline on Windows 10?

Though there is no particular reason for the printer is offline problem. But, improper connection, weak wi-fi signal, damaged or incompatible printer drivers, a problem in print spooler, an issue in the hardware or USB connections are some of the most obvious reasons. 

Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Printer is Offline Windows 10

Now, that you know some of the most basic reasons for printer offline problems you shall understand the solutions that fix it. The solutions mentioned below will help you fix printer showing offline on Windows 10 problem.

Verify the Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier weak or poor internet connection is one of the most common reasons for the printer is offline. Here is how you can troubleshoot printer is offline Windows 10.

  • Turn off the computer and then turn off the printer as well. Then, press and hold the power button on the printer for 20-30 seconds.
  • Take out all the connections and then re-connect the cables using the USB cable. Make sure it is connected properly from the printer to the computer using the USB cable. 
  • If you are using the ethernet port to connect the printer and the computer then make sure the connection is established properly.
  • If you are using a wireless network the check printer is connected to the network of the computer.

Change the Status of the Printer

  • Press the Windows + R key.
  • Now, type ‘control printers’ on the search bar and then select ‘device and printers’ option.
  • Now, go to your printer and right-click and choose ‘select as default’ from the available options.
  • Now, right-click and select ‘see what’s printing’ option.
  • Now, the printer queue will appear on the screen. Check if there are any unfinished tasks.
  • Remove all of the unfinished tasks.
  • Also, untick the ‘use printer offline’ option from the queue.

Also, untick the ‘pause printing’ option as well

Update the Outdated Drivers

  • Go to Windows + R.
  • Type < services.msc > and press enter.
  • Go to ‘print spooler services and right-click.
  • Select stop option then.
  • Go to Windows + R.
  • Type < printui.exe/s/t2 and enter.
  • Go to < printer server properties > and find the faulty printer.
  • Remove the printer and when prompted remove the driver as well.
  • Now go to services.msc and go to ‘print spooler’ and right-click it.
  • Choose start.
  • Now, download the latest driver version from an authentic site.

These are some of the most common troubleshooting solutions to fix a printer is offline Windows 10 problem. However, if you are confused or are unable to fix it get in touch with the technicians for support.