Printer Spooling Errors

Print spooler is a software program on Windows that completes the printing job by swiftly by allowing the computer to interact with the printer efficiently. If you see ‘printer spooler error’ ‘unable to establish a connection’ or ‘restart the spooler’ then it means there is some problem in the spooler. Printer spooling error is very common and can be fixed by following some of the basic steps. 

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What is a Printer Spooler?

A printer spooler is a software on the Windows Operating System that organizes the information and the data. Since the printer does not have a very high memory it would struggle to store a lot of data and information. So, it needs software to detect what has to be printed and in what order. For Windows OS a spooler in-built in the device and get the printing job done. 

However, printer spooling errors are very common and they need to be fixed to get the print job done.

Common Printer Spooling Errors

Once you give the print command several issues can happen with the spooler. Many times, if there is an issue with one print job it would get stuck up the other print commands also called ‘print queue’. 

  • Print jobs are stuck.
  • Data or information in the spooler being incompatible or corrupted. 
  • While you sent the print command the print spooler software crashed or corrupted.

How to Fix Spooling Errors with Printer?

Here are some of the most common ways that can help in fixing print spooling errors

Change the Properties of Print Spooling

Print spooling errors can be fixed by changing the print spooling properties. This method works well on Windows and XP Operating Systems. 

  • Press Windows + R. It will open the run option. 
  • Write services.msc and then enter.
  • Twice click on the print spooler option.
  • You can also go to the start > control panel > administrative tools > services.
  • Now select print spooler option

Restart the Spooler

  •  When you open the print spooler properties you can see the start and stop button here. You can first stop and then start the spooler. It can fix a lot of issues in the print spooler.

Alternative Method

If the above-mentioned method does not work then you can also try this way. Just ask everyone who has sent a print command to go to their computer control panel. Open ‘printers and devices’ option. Then select ‘see what’s printing’. Then cancel the list of things that are to be printed.

Printer spooling errors are easy to fix and can be resolved by following these basic troubleshooting tips. However. If you still experience an error then make sure to get in touch with the technicians for help. The experts will guide you on how to fix spooling error with printer and will help you understand the root cause of it. Moreover, if you are unable to understand the solutions mentioned in this blog, they will assist you better.