How to Fix Printer Function not working or Responding Error

Microsoft Word is without any doubt one of the finest working programs that are available for desktop and laptop users. The program works properly without any issue for most of the time however, many times you may come across a problem here and there. 

If you are facing an issue Word printer function not working or responding then do not worry as it is a common problem that can be resolved by following the basic troubleshooting solutions. Though there are many reasons why this problem may occur in your printer.

If you are facing a printing error on Word then, first of all, try printing another document to check if the issue is occurring while printing some other document also. Now, you would know whether the issue is on the document or something else.

 In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the basic troubleshooting solutions that can help in resolving the Word printer function not working issue.

Quick Solutions to for Resolving Word Printer Function not Working

Restart the Devices

 The first and the easiest thing that you can do to resolve the error is to restart the device. Make sure to restart the printer, power cycle the system and reboot the router to check if the problem is resolved or not.  It can help in resolving the problem.

Check the Printer Properly

 First of all, you need to make sure that the printer is switched on and every connection is established properly. Check the paper tray and make sure the papers places in the tray are not jammed. Make sure the papers placed in the tray are not curled up.

Check the Connections

 You need to check the USB cable connections that are connected to the printer. Make sure the USB cable connections are properly attached and are connected tightly. On the other side if you are using a wireless printer then make sure it is connected to the router and is placed in the range. Make sure the hardware and the devices that are connected are working properly. Also, make sure that the printer is not set in an offline mode.

Remove and the Add the Printer Again

 Go to the start button and then select the control panel option. Then click on the devices and printers option. Here you can check the printer that is showing the error. Right-click on the printer and then select the option that says remove the device. Once the printer is removed, select the option that says add printer.

Try Using Another Word Document

 Sometimes the error can occur is there is a problem in the original file itself. The file can be corrupted or can be in a format that the printer does not support. Try printing another document to see if the printer is printing properly or not. Try copying the information and paste it in another document. Then run a test print to see if the error is fixed or not.

These are some of the most common solutions that you can follow to resolve the ‘Word printer function not working or responding’. If the issue is unresolved or if you are facing a problem while following the troubleshooting solutions get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

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